Born in New Zealand, Tim was the youngest of four children. He has lived for over 30 years in Australia and brought up two children in Sydney. They are both now young adults.


His childhood was spent around creatives and writers, thanks to his mother’s passion for the Arts, which led him to discover J.M.W Turner. Turners paintings so often capture a glow shining from deep within, and it was Tim fascination with this idea which sparked his whole journey as an artist. 


That is the key to the work he does now. The inner glow.


It has been a lifetime study to capture that, and Tim's journey still continues with this intangible riddle.

Currently, in Tim's portraiture, he is exploring the human form, while his landscapes are reflecting the complex dance of light and shade across the earth.




At the heart of my work is Light.


The play of light and shadow across landscape, water, and human form.


As a visual artist, I partner with Nature’s rich colour palette. My work captures light to echo the brushstrokes of the painter. 


I work in one medium, to explore another.

OVER 40 


We have a comprehensive collection of artwork from all over Australia expanding through from contemporary, indigenous, abstract, photography and  sculptures.

We are constantly engaged with the art and creative community so we can present the finest in both established and emerging talent.


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Our weekly ‘Collectors Corner’ events feature 5 of the finest pieces in our ever changing collection of art photography and sculptures, including updates on our very active social calendar.

View our recent Collectors Corner here.

You don’t have to be an expert or even a serious collector to appreciate the quality, original art works by local and indigenous artists on display at Audrey Fine Art.

With a changing face and new exhibitions regularly there will surely be something that you cannot leave behind when you visit the gallery. Whether your taste leans to big and bright or small and subtle, there will be beautiful pieces that will entice. We have a diverse collection to accommodate all your requirements  for both your home and office, paintings, photography and sculptures to purchase or rent.

Visit the gallery at 181 Harris Street Pyrmont any day of the week and lose yourself in fine, contemporary Australian art. With experts on hand to give you advice and a personal design service where Audrey will find those special pieces to fit your space, you will find art to suit your every need and budget.

Take  a look around our website but for the truly immersive experience that is original art, drop into the gallery soon!

Scott Thomlinson
Donald Keys observatory Hill
Mark Hanham Paris Gold, 2020
Emily Kame Kngwarreye My Country, 2019
John Perkins Grand Canal Venice, 2016
Donal Molloy-Drum
Jane Bennett
Pro Hart
Yannima Tommy Watson
Bernadette Smith - States of Being, 2020
Maynard Waters
Rex Turnball
Henryk Szydlowski
Gloria Tamerre Petyarre



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