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'Between The City & Surf' - Collectors Corner

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

‘Between The City & Surf’ is an exhibition featuring a collection of paintings that chronicles our water-loving lifestyle and the industrious city of Sydney. 

There is a sense of place embedded into the vistas—with surfers at play,

or street scenes capturing the massive harbour bridge looming in the background.

The paintings offer the viewer an insight into a typical Australian day.

Exhibition runs Wednesday 24th of June until Wednesday 8th July

Opening Wednesday 24th of June from 5:00pm to 8:00pm


Donald Keys;Born 1958, in the coastal town of Bulli, Donald is an artist who is heavily influenced by the juxtaposition of his hometown’s heavy industry and environmentally sensitive beaches. Donald’s paintings are figurative works, in a contemporary impressionist style. He paints using vibrant colours that are quintessentially Australian, employing quite visible brush strokes to enhance texture, which give his paintings a tactile quality. His works generally feature people enjoying their leisure time surrounded by a mix of man-made structures, and the natural beauty of the Australian landscape. Artist Statement: “I tend to see things with a colourful, more positive outlook, and have no desire to create images that depict ugly, sad situations. Hopefully, when one views my paintings, they will see something more optimistically.” 

Donald Keys

Let's Grow Old Together, 2020

synthetic polymer on cotton canvas

61 x 46 cm


Donald Keys

Little Sirius Cove, 2020

synthetic polymer on cotton canvas

61 x 46 cm


Donald Keys

Moored at the Spit, 2014

41 x 122 cm


Donald Keys

Buenas Tardes Sydney, 05/2014

synthetic polymer on cotton canvas

101 x 152 cm


Donald Keys

View from Observatory Hill, 2020

synthetic polymer on canvas

61 x 91 in


Call to the Lifeguard, 2020

Oil on Canvas

61 x 152 cm


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