With 2 artworks in the collection of the Australian Embassy in Kabul, Bloomfield (FASMA, RAS) is one of a select group of Australian artists chosen to represent Australian Art in International Embassies.


Bloomfield, Exhibiting Artist with the Royal Art Society of NSW & Fellow of the Australian Society of Marine Artists (ASMA), is regularly exhibited in some of Australia’s most prestigious art awards.


Represented in several east coast galleries, Bloomfield has created a brand for herself through two distinctive mediums: Industrial oil paintings on canvas; and Australian Wildlife in charcoal & ink on plywood. Her recent melding of the styles has been termed ‘Reductionist Pop’. Bloomfield’s work peppers collections throughout Australia, Amsterdam, the U.K., Hong Kong, China, Ireland & Afghanistan.


She celebrated her first appearance in the Hong Kong market in 2019 at the Asia Contemporary Art Fair.


I believe that my role as an artist is to capture & preserve society in this very moment & to garnish this captured moment with my own filters, wit, emotions & beliefs.


It is in this way I share my vision of how I perceive that simple, mundane, ugly & unexpected things may be viewed to be beautiful or, at the very least, engaging. It is my desire to encourage the growth that comes from seeing more than one viewpoint – in everything.